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Creative South

This year, I will be appearing at Creative South, a gathering of designers of all types in Columbus Georgia.

It will be as part of the ‘Heavy Hitters’ panel on Saturday April 18th. Speaking along side me will be Joe Bosack, Skye Dillion, TJ Harley & Todd Radom. We will be discussing work in the Athletic design industry.

You can get tickets at the Creative South website.


Blog A11FL

A11FL Branding

I was recently approached to produce branding for the new A11FL franchises. Unfortunately none of the following options were chosen, but I have posted each anyway.

Tampa Bay BanditsDenver MinersLA BombersLA ExpressBay Area InvadersBay Area Sea LionsMichigan PanthersNew Jersey GeneralsChicago SwarmChicago StagsDallas Wranglers.


A Guide to American Football

As a huge football fan, I always look forward to the Super Bowl. In my ‘other job’, I work as a director and Animator as part of the Sweet Crude collective.

In November, I had the idea of creating ‘A Guide to American Football’ in time for the build up to the Broncos/ Seahawks game.

Click the link above to view.



You can follow much of my work in progress, sketches and ideas by following Fraser Davidson on Dribbble.